Perfected For Multi-Location Environments
  • Adult Gaming Centres (Split-Premise AGCs/LBO)
  • Bingo Halls (Split-Premise Bingo Halls /LBO)
  • Casinos – land and sea based (Split-Premise Casino/LBO)
  • Independent Bookmakers
  • Sports bars and cafés
  • Hotels & airport lobbies
  • Sports facilities including gyms and fitness centres
  • Leisure & entertainment centres
  • Sports stadiums and concert Venues
How The Self-Service Kiosk System Works
  • Network point of service
  • A network of betting terminals operated by local operators & optional subagents – managed by the BetXTech Management System
  • Configuration and administration though management console
  • Can be fitted with a bill acceptor, a credit card swipe, computer keyboard, a robust fixed trackball, thermal printer, and a touchscreen monitor.
Bespoke Kiosk System Design
  • Variety of kiosk types and design
  • Wi-Fi (wireless) capabilities
  • Marketing and advertising placement
  • Improve corporate branding
  • Rugged product, strong resistance to vandalism
  • Free-standing or wall mounted secure enclosures